Monday, December 12, 2016

Introduction to my new Blog

If the rise of Donald Trump in American politics has taught us anything, it's that the average person - through our various hardwired cognitive loopholes and whatnot - is far more likely to believe information delivered in a manner that appears sincere than they are to information delivered using a more dry, academic tone. This "stream of consciousness" style of communication may very well be the future of politics. And if that is the case, than it would be of great benefit to try and understand why it is so unusually effective. Because although it would be unfair to say President Scrooge McDuck won in a landslide - the fact of the matter is that he managed to survive for so long in spite of himself.

(from this point forward, I will refer to the president-elect by a myriad of nicknames. One of my personal favorites is "Scrooge McDuck", due to the characters ties with "Donald Duck", and the fact that he is based off Ebinizer Scrooge. And hopefully, Trump shares more in common with Scrooge than just being incredibly greedy for most of his life. My other, less polite nicknames for Donald Trump include: "combover", "fucktard", "annoying orange", and "corporate welfare queen").

Now, you may be wondering why I'd begin my first blog post with a paragraph on "stream of consciousness" communication styles and my nicknames for Donald Trump? Well, the TL;DR version of the answer is this: I just had the thought and decided to write it down. It would be great to just organize this blog as if it were a book - with neatly organized chapters covering the material as linearly and coherently as possible. But this raises questions - like, for instance, why I'm bothering with a blog and not merely writing a book instead? Blogs are powerful tools for outlining a person's train of thought - from beginning to end - through the many twists, turns, and tangents our minds naturally follow.

So, this blog is intended to be about more than just the contents of my thoughts on various subjects - but also how I think about them in the first place. And I think such an endeavor of self-reflection is necessary to fully understand and appreciate the Trump phenomena. Which I think we have very good reason to consider to be just a bigger piece of the broken political system we live in now that actively rewards selfishness and glorifies greed, which just makes things worse for everyone. And as a heads up - a large portion of this blog's content will be covering what's wrong with the world, and what we can do to stop it. Because there are some actions that we can take - even here in Canada - that can make a global impact. For instance, putting pressure on Trudeau to call off the constructions of various pipelines that enable fracking.

So that's really the heart of what I hope to achieve with this blog. And I hope that I do a good enough job raising awareness and providing commentary to stimulate many constructive conversations.

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